Here is your breakfast, Nana Ama said placing the food on the bed.

I will have it later, I said busily calling Jovita for almost twentieth time.

I don’t think that will help, she said snatching the phone from my hands. You ate nothing yesterday and you equally want to ignore breakfast what the problem with you she said with a straight face.

Nothing sweetheart am fine, I replied with a fake smile. At that time my my problem at hand is Jovita, her words the previous day was getting on my nerves leaving me with no choice than to wonder what going on through her mind as she kept on avoiding my calls.

You can pretend to be fine but your emotions can’t lie. I know my brother very well, only if you want to shear with me what bothering you. She said holding my hands and looked me in the eye.

Nothing sister just that………..

Just that I intrude your affair yesterday right? Am sorry for that but trust me bro I can make things right.

How can you help if she don’t want to talk to me anymore.

I know the girl really love you and she is just bragging for the time being.

Why are you saying all this Nana,

Hmm well am a girl and there are something that we see in guys as ladies that you can’t see in yourself, I heard it when she bucked her leaving, that when I realize that she is thinking differently.

Wait for me am coming; she said and left my room.

Have you seen this special dairy before? She said when she entered.

No, who is it for. I replied.

I found this diary widely open in the sofa, took my time to read it thinking it yours but realised that the writer is a lady and she is declaring her love for you.
but unfortunately the diary has some special features, i mean it’s personal use and has a lock in when I closed it. She said given me the diary.

How sure are you that it belongs to Jovita.

Oh bro ladies see beyond, OK tell me do you like that Jovita that much? Because I think she is kind of over cosset and some how rude. Anyway I respect your decision and I know you will go for what best. Can you eat your breakfast for me Mr Lover. She said teasingly.


Princess came in late that Sunday evening with Toni, we eat dinner and talk on other things till 8pm then Toni left.
Lectures resume the following day. After lectures I was almost at the door when I felt a hard grip on my hand which draw me back in the room. The pull was kind of quick which get me terrified.

Joo we need to talk, Roy said as he calmly looses the grip.

What problem with you Mr man, I intone,

Will you spear me some few minutes of your time to hear me out please; said Roy.
OK fine five minutes is enough just tell me what you want to say and let me go.

Joo I hardly understand your actions, you throw me out of your house, you avoid my calls and also ignoring me on campus what going through your head. he ask struggling hard.

Oh really! You want to know what going on in my head. Wham! (Hot slap) did you feel that? Am not one if your street chicks, That what going through my mind. excuse me………..

the sound draws the attention of the few students including Mariam and Princess who pop their eyes in our direction. I kept calm as she run in haste out of the room followed by princess.

I definitely don’t know how to react, being Yh e first time I have received a hot slap from a lady in my life and not just a slap but a hot one. I felt like crying but couldn’t. Yh I had ever reason to get mad but I felt nothing like such especially when I have her type as a sister. I guess that is what love has gotten me into.

What happen Roy, how dare she raise her dirty hands on you, who does she think she is, just because everyone doesn’t say her matter those not mean she can do whatever she want and go Scott free; Mariam said with concern as if she want fight back.

Nothing happens Mariam, I lied. You just need not to worry about what just happen. I will take care of that, let it be for now.

The fact that she is upset does not grant her permission to raise hands on you. Thank God she left in haste like it won’t be good for her and if so then She may bit what she can’t chew. She said with anger.

Roy please am really sorry for what my friend did and please forgive her on my behalf. She may be out of her senses, I equally don’t know why she did that stupid thing; Princess implored almost on her knees.

I have to leave, excuse me ladies. I said and made my way out with bruise on my cheek.


Madam na wetin u rash like u dey motor-way; I heard Abdul saying after I rushed in the car but I said nothing and rush to my room.

My memory reflect back, the good moment we sheared in my house even though he consider me as a mere friend. The good things he has done for me, dedicating much of time to improve me in accounting.
I never mean to do something like such, of cause slapping him was a big mistake as I felt the pain of the slap and the embarrassment, all I wanted to do was to avoid him and see how important I am for him but turns out to be my worst nightmare.
What have I done, why did I even raise hands on him; I ask myself, collapse on the bed in tears. Oh Gosh.
Forgive me Roy, I can’t express how Much I love you but seeing you with any other girl get me envy, I said in Tears.

Princess later storm in my room with a disappointed look on her face. Joo what wrong with you, why did you do that; she said demanding; immediate Answer.

I look at her worriedly as I scoff hard to tell her everything. I explain what happen at Roy’s apartment on her absence. How I threw him out when he tried to fabricate lies and also keep avoiding his calls.

Are you really sure that, that girl is her fiancé and he was trying to cover it up? How was the girls reaction when she first saw you, was she cool or she over react.; princess ask trying to know more.

The tone of my phone interrupt popping up a call from an unsaved number. Who could it be I wonder as I pick up the phone, I hate talking with strangers. Maybe it’s Roy I had another thought……

To be continue.


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