The door instantly cracked open as if the person just left the room a while ago and just return. We disengage from our position.
A fair lady around 20-21 years showed up, Roy gave her a tight hag and place a soft kiss on her chin which get me miffed.

I have been calling you for the past hour but my calls wasn’t answered. Forget it, will you help me outside to bring in the staff that I brought; Said the young lady..

By the way meet Jovita my course mate; he introduced.
Sorry I haven’t notice her presence. I hope it’s not what am thinking Roy, she said with smile.

Am Nana Ama nice meeting you miss Jovita, nice meeting you too I said and she made her way into the bed room.

I have to leave now Roy, I said picking up my hand bag.
Why are you leaving; he asked with stupor face.

I said Wm leaving I bucked with angry tone this time and made my way out whiles he fellowed me calling my name but I gave a deaf ears to it.


How stupid I am, why did I even besotted with him. I am soo stupid to force myself on him ooh God. Yes he appear to me as the best guy ever on planet earth. He has all quality I have ever wanted in a guy. I fall in love with his brains and look that I never notice he is a wolf in sheep garment. Very defensiveness outside but a predator inside. I sobbed my hearts out, am really heart broken.


I hate my sister at that moment when she entered. She never told me she is coming nor she will pay me visit. She really spoiled everything demn it. I wish to through her out instantly but I can’t. I love my sister and I can figure out my way back to Jovita track.

Jovita’s actions didn’t gave me a good mood to welcome Nana Ama either. She angrily left my house I was so disturb that I have to leave the house immediately after packing the provision Nana Ama brought. She wasn’t picking my calls an I don’t know why.

Whats your problem here again huh, ooh to say sorry that what happened was a mistake or to fabricate lies to me. Thanks I am not in the mood to hear whatever you want to say OK. She voiced out as soon as she open the door and saw me.

What are you saying Joo, I desperately ask knowing not a dim on what she is talking about.

Oh really! It better you have no idea on what am talking about, at least it won’t get me sick.

I don’t know anything Joo, can you please tell me what going on; I begged

You know what, I can’t keep on being rude so do one thing for me, GET LOST.
Abdul get him out and make sure he never get to my door or you will be fired.

She slam the door, leaving me with total frustration and confused.

I guess she is not thinking differently concerning Nana Ama and I. if so how can I tell her Nana Ama is just a sister to me. I thought as Abdul followed me to the metal gate making sure he does what he was asked to do.
To be continue…..


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