Spending more than four hours with Jovita at my house was like being in Paradise. Gradually I finding my way in her heart. I was demn worried when she was leaving. At a moment I wish to propose my love for her instantly and that she will happily say yes, so I will be the happiest person on earth at that time but all that was happening in my day dream. I had a strong edge to say my feeling for her especially when we were talking about relationship but am not an opportunistic type. she leaving tomorrow was a blow to me in this long term vacation. I wish we could spend more days before she leaves, HOW SAD I COULDN’T EXPRESS MY FEELINGS.

MARIAM help me did my laundry and cleaning the following day till my house look neat at it’s best before she was picked up by her elder sister.

I can’t hold the days back as our longest vacation seems to be ending so soon. We did spend lot of our vacation on video chart and social media chart, commenting on her Facebook and twitter pics. She really have a lot of follower and looks a bit popular on social media.


I decide to execute my surprise visit to Roy since lectures will resume in three days. I inform my parent that I will be leaving on Friday to get myself prepared before Monday.
On Friday 10am I get to my apartment did some cleaning in my room as Abu has did his part in the compound. Took my bath and rest. I woke up some hours later and decided to excite my surprise visit.

I got to Roy’s apartment 2pm and call him on phone.
Please can you can you open your door for me; I said when she answered the call.

Hey Joo what a surprise, I hope am not in trouble with this your surprise package he jokingly said when he ushered me in.
No problem Mr Roy, I just plan to give you a surprise visit before lectures resume, can I join you in gaming.

Sure, only if you are professional in gaming; he said said giving me the other game pad.

Playing game was my hubby especially soccer until my twin brother travel abroad to further his education that I stopped.
We started gaming as I scored first and equalized and pause the game and look me in the making me lost control as our lips find each other. The tension was getting stronger when a heavy knock from the door brought us back from our world of lust.

To be continue..


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