I called Nana Ama (My Sister) after my Mom’s call as she happily break to me her gaining admission to one of the top nursing University in the country. Yeah I was demn happy for her. She has always dream to be a nurse. Since her childhood she has wanted to be a top medical nurse and also schooling at the same institution she just gain admission. It looks like her dream is coming to reality but I act as if I wasn’t happy for her.

Bro you don’t look happy for me, I knew what I said was the other time was above my limit and I have already apologised on that but you haven’t forgiven me yet. She worriedly said on the phone.

Why won’t I forgive my sister. I forgive you even before you apologised on what you said the other time but……..

But you don’t love anymore bro. I knew it that you won’t celebrate for me on this news. I knew the love you have for me is draining, she said almost in tears which she knew well that I can’t bear it.

Hey sweety don’t get me wrong, I love you, I love my family and will die for them if I have to. I was not just happy outside because you will Frimpongmaa all alone at the mansion but am happy seeing you dream coming to reality. I defend.

No need to worry bro, we have already discussed on that and she is super happy for me not thinking of leaving her for now. She said as I gave out a smile.
We talked on other issues before the line went dead. Thank God it was a good news. I said as move from the bed. I couldn’t made it to lectures that day to meet Jovita whom I haven’t contact since yesterday. I decide to send her a sorry massage explaining my reasons for my actions knowing she will read it after lectures but wondering what will be her reaction.


I was surfing the internet for a project work when a soft knock came through, I instruct the person in thinking maybe Jimmy my neighbor a level 100 student. The door cracked open and I saw Mariam with her pink tank top and white skinny down looking demn beautiful and hot but her presence pissed me off that I closed the laptop and raise myself from the sofa when she quickly hold my left arm with great force drawing me backward a step, falling from my hand the laptop. She hag me tightly that I couldn’t even freed myself.

I know how you are feeling right now, whatever explanation that I with give you won’t repair the damage caused on you heart, every bit of my explanation will sound stupid and telling you is like fabricating a lie. Whatever I say now won’t be necessary to you. All what I can say now is am sorry for my stupidity. Please Roy don’t ignore me. I can’t bear the pain loosing you forever right in my eyes. Please consider our friendship in high school and forgive me on this mistake. I promise it will never happen again. She plead socking my singlet with tears.

Should I forgive her and continue my close friendship with her or Should I ignore her. Any suggestion?
To be continue….


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