I’m just asking, maybe am not jealous. Can we forget about that for now. So what next after campus; he said.

A ride to your apartment naw, don’t say no to this because I want to use this opportunity to see where you abode please, I plea with a worried face whiles he smile and nodded his approval.
But before that, have this. I brought the car key from my purse.

What for? He oddly ask.

Just take it first and I will tell you what follows. I gave him the key.
Now that I have it what next; He ask.
you are driving and I don’t want you to say “I can’t drive” because I knew you can drive and beside am tired so there is no need to pretend as if you have not sit on wheels before my dear.

But I….

No but and am not going to hear you out I disrupt his words putting my finger on his lips and drag him to the car pack.
So when are you going to introduce your fiance to your new friend I mean me; I initiated a topic I have always wanted to ask him as we hit the road.

My fiance? He said turning his eyes from the the road to my direction.
You can’t tell me you are surprised of what I said. You just forget and drive.

He drove in silence as no one want to start a new topic.
He pulled the car in front of a blue painted building with a tick green grass and a well decorated flowers serving as a fence wall, a bricks pave way leading to the main door.
Welcome to my home he said leading the way to open the door. Two dogs jumped from the chair on the corridor waggling their tale and hopping getting me a bit terrifying. The deafening sound from one of the dog send me back.
Sorry dear is just that they are not affectionate to your presence; said Roy and hold me by the hand.
So do you stay here with your parent; I curiously ask as I sat myself down.
Actually I stay here alone, my aunty use to stay here but she move out four years ago and ask me to take over when I gain admission here; he replied.
So where did she move to, and my i know why? I playfully ask.
She move to the country capital when she became a single mother and also due to her businesses she has there; he said making his way to the other kitchen, I guess.
I wasn’t expecting him to live in a three bed room flat all by himself. I think there is more to know about him.
Consider my food vapid and eat something small for me. I prefer eating on the floor but I can take it to the dinning table if you want to; he said placing the tray with food on the floor.
If you go to Rome you do what the Romans do. So am at your service Mr Roy or should I say chef Roy. We both burst into laugh.
To be continue……


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