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At that moment I felt very empty and speechless, yeah seeing her tears socking my singlet get my heart melt. I manage to free myself, look her in the eye and sat her down.
You really took me by surprise Mariam; I will not believe it if I was told. I hate les….n with passion what even made you get into that act. I said as her tears keeps rolling to her chin.
I am really sorry Roy, I promise it won’t happen again. She said in tears.
Forgiven you is like drinking poison for an enemy but why won’t I forgive you as God forgive those who forgive others. I said with hard thought wondering if I could trust her again.
That means we are cool right she said wiping her tears.
Yeah we a cool; I replied.
I want you to keep it between us please; she whispered as she gave a firm hag pressing me hard that I could even feel that she wear no bra.
No need to worry about that it safe with me. Can you get me my Laptop; I ask.
If there is any problem on it you can have mine for the time being and I will fixed it for you later; she said placing it on my lap.
Thanks it OK.
Roy before I forget, I have your further maths quiz. It was given out today. She hand it over from her hand bag.
Thanks, I hope you did well too; I ask.
Yh. I think you have not eating heavy food today. Let me prepare something for you; she said and left for the kitchen.
Ofcos I have not eating anything solid than drinks since morning. This girl will kill me with her delicious food. I muttered with smile.


Roy and I develop a cordial relationship as we study together. The examination week was nerve-wracking, no time for other things than more of books. We finally incited the accounting exams on Thursday which happens to be the last paper. I was waiting for Roy when Toni showed up.
Hey Jovita how was the exams. He ask after we exchange greetings.
It was cool I guess, I did what I can do best.
When will you be going to Accra, I guess you don’t wanna miss your holiday flight this time. He said sound in funny
Hahaha, no I will spend my vacation here.
Toni excuse me please, I have someone to meet I said when I site Roy on the corridor.
Roy I have been waiting for you but you act as if you didn’t see me. I worriedly said.
I decide to wait you downstairs since you are having a t-t-chat with Toni. He replied as we walk downstairs.
You and Toni are that much closer beside campus; he ask.
No we are not that much closer. He is Princess Fiance which makes us just talk friends. Why did you ask are you jealous?
To be continue…


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