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Why are you asking, what do you want me to say. I threw back the question to her whiles she smile and held my hands.
Nothing dear, you actions speak it all. I have known you for the past few years and I haven’t this type of you before that why am asking. She said looking me in the eye.
I like him though but am not sure of my feelings for him so I can’t tell for now. I replied as she gave out a smile. I have to take my bath now I added.
Am done with the breakfast. She said on her way out.


I woke up almost 10am with terrible headache. Yes it maybe what I was thinking the previous day that got me the result today. I drag myself from the bed and pick my phone to call Jovita whom I forgot to call yesterday. There was a lot of missed calls which I wasn’t surprise to see them for I knew it was all from Mariam but to my dismay some from Jovita and My hole family including my Dad, who was the last person I was expecting his call. I don’t even remembered the last time he called me ever since I left his mansion. It made me nervous and curious adding to my pains. My dad and I have leave cat and mouse life for the past 8years giving me the reason to stay away from his house. Seeing my hole family calling was something I was not expecting this morning.

Why weren’t you picking up my calls this morning. Is there anything wrong with you? My Mom sound from the other end after we exchange greetings.
I just wake up and wake up with small headache and saw your missed calls. Am sorry Mom I apologies.
Have you taking inn any medication? She asked.
Am fine now Mom.
It was a good news that Nana Ama want to shear with you and since you were not picking her calls so I decide to call you myself because she told me you had a fight with her on the phone the last time she talk to you. She said bring back what transpire between Nana Ama and I which was nothing else than Sister-Brother fight that I have even forget.
Mom it was just a small misunderstanding and I don’t even take it as a fight but if she does that her own business.
Anyway I don’t think am the right person to shear with you her good news. Call her and find out yourself. She said keeping me suspense and to let us solve our issue.
OK Mom I will Call her right after. But Mom did you call me with Da……. Roy we will talk later am in a meeting for now, Bye Love you….. She interrupt leaving me with my sentence.
Bye Mom love you too.
To be continue


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