WHAT? I said on top of my voice, I couldn’t believe my eyes at that moment and I wish it was just a mere dream but looks soo real. Vera a…an….nd you Mariam I said as tears nearly trek from my eyes, You are L..b..n? I said with a broken voice and disappointed heart. Yes I was very disappointed because I will drink a poison and put my life at stake if someone told me about this or even go to the extent of showing me a video, but here am I watching the original copy. They are just friends and least did I know they are into this act.
Vera quickly covered her half nak.d body and burn her head down in shame like a child who just caught stealing from the soup whiles Mariam move from the bed with great energy towards with her almost full nak.d body as her erected pointing to my direction and her curvy body given it clear view, she look demn hot but my brains were far from seeing through my eyes and her nak.dness. With disappointment and bad feelings I slam the door and exit from her house with deaf ears ignoring my name several times.

I couldn’t describe how disappointed and bad I was feeling. It really hurt knowing that the angel you know outside is a devil inside, how disappointing. The girl that I have made up my mind to woo before the end of this semester as I know her to be a perfect much turns out to be a Les….n. How disappointing! My phone kept on ringing but still DAB (deaf and blind) to it. After numerous thought and unanswered questions I later felt asleep.


Early the next morning, I woke up 6:15am, after sleepless night the previous night. I was really wondering why Roy Was not answering my calls. What happened the previous day started playing back in my mind. Why did I froze when he place a passionate kiss on my chin before saying goodbye. I kind of felt something within but it looks wired to me.

How was your date, Princess ask as soon as she entered my room flashing a smile.

what are talking about Princess, we didn’t went for a date OK, I said drifting my body from the bed.
Jovita you know you can’t tell lies to me and even if you try it, it all clearly shows on you face this morning. So tell me what happen she said sitting beside me on the bed.
What again do you want me to tell you. I said with a straight face trying to avoid her gaze.
OK tell me the truth are you inlove with him? She said looking me in the eye.
The question came like a thunder, I was not expecting her to ask and if possible not now.
To be continue…..


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