Nothing really it was just a coincidence, I was done with what I was doing before you entered and I had to take my leave. He answered with smile.
That was the first time I have seen you on campus and i was eager to know you. I said sipping the drink from the served glass.
Not really Joo, we are doing same program and I dought that was the first time you saw me.

JOO, meaning. I ask

Shortcut of your name i guess. Maybe I don’t get your attention.
Ok. But something is strange about you, I said while he pause the spoonful of food and drop it back to the plate maybe he wasn’t expecting what I just said.
What is it that is strange about me. he ask raising his eyebrows.
You are good in accounting but you don’t contribute in lectures. I said easing the curious in his eyes.
Everyone of us in campus has it own business and mine is to study and pass my exams and not being a hero in class beside we have Toni, Sammy, you and others who makes class lively in lectures. What matters most to me is getting an excellent or good result at the end of exams. He replied whiles I kept steering at him.
On thing lead to another as we talk ranging from schooling to relationship and brief about each other till 7pm. He wasn’t boring as I enjoyed every bit of his conversation. I think I am developing something and starting to like him. Was this a date? I don’t even know.

How jovial Jovita turns out to be keep me wondering as i stroll on the street. Yes I never expect her to be soo jovial and lively due to how I knew her to be. I refuse a ride back home just to check on Mariam who’s attitude kind of unfamiliar after the studies. Since I was strolling on her street I just can’t pass by without seeing her. She is dearest toe and the only female friend that I can boost of in campus. After some minutes I locate her apartment which wasn’t far from site. As a regular visitor who knows his way out of the house and where keys are even kept as my belly won’t stop me eating there, I decide not to knock but thought twice before I gave a soft knock but hear no respond, I added two more knock which is a bit stronger than the previous one but hear no responds either. I decide to crack it open and check if it locked only to see what nearly get me collapse.

To be continue….


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