Why that look I curiously ask while she shrugged and left without saying anything. Hey Roy see you morrow Sammy said from the other end making his way out when I heard Jovita calling out his name.
Sammy I want to apologies on what happens on our previous encounter, I wasn’t myself that faithful day and you coincidentally met with my rude attitude. I know this isn’t going to repair the anger you had that day but am sincerely sorry.
She apologised while Sammy scoff hard to believe his ears, I myself was even surprise as I wasn’t sure of what she said. Yes that part of her I have never seen, she has been soo rude to many people but never heard she has even say sorry before. It kind of wired to me.
WHAT? You are sorry?Sammy ask trying to hear it for the second time to be sure his ears are not deceiving him.
Yes am really sorry, Jovita repeat herself. I know it will sound somewhat wired if I apologise. I have always had thinking to apologise but couldn’t fine the right time till today. She pressed on.
I think I need to go to my hall now, Sammy said trying to be hard.
Sammy please she said she is sorry and she regret doing what she did. For my sake don’t turn deaf ears what she was saying please, I chip in halting Sammy’s steps . please do this one for me as a friend. I press on.
Hmm OK fine for your sake I owe nothing against her he said with a smile. So are we cool Jovita said giving him a firm hag.

Dear Lord, please work on my attitude. Teach me to be more loving, compassionate, Patience, Obedience and humble, strip away the anger, bitterness, stubbornness, pride and complacency. Those has been my daily prayers ever since I decide to let go off my arrogant and spoilt Child life. It has never been easy though as some people will keep provoking me even if you want to make amends my mistakes. Yes it a fruit of what I have already sowed.

Thank you very much once again Roy, I said as we found ourselves in one of the most popular restaurant in town.
No need to say so, I will do it for anyone else. I think we have to start consuming our food as you tell me why you sermon me here. He said Jokingly.
I gave a deep breath and position myself well to have a taste of what on my table, Roy so tell me why that act on the lectures the other time. I ask raising my head to meet his gaze.
To be continue……


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