Sorry I wasn’t available then, I was about calling you when your massage can through, he replied.
Are you less busy so we meet and talk more? I typed.
I will be going to campuses 4pm and can meet me over if you don’t mind. he replied.
Then we will meet there I send and logout.
Am I starting to like him? Hell no, just too curious and wants to know why that act the last time and how he get to know that, that my favourite seat cos that my first time of seeing him. I was smiling at myself when Princes Interrupt,
Hey why that smiling face she ask. Nothing Princes,I replied. I think I have to get myself prepared cos I will be going to campuses I said while she gave .e a suspicious look.
What for, she ask with squeezed face. Do I need to tell you what am going there for before I leave? Anyway I have someone to meet before day breaks, I said drifting my body from the sofa.
I guess the person doesn’t have name, she curiously ask halting my steps.
Am going to meet Roy, I said surprising her. Yes she got every reasons to be surprise, that was unusual of me, meeting a guy on campus is just a fairytale to tell. I have even come to hear a lot rumour about me Which I don’t give a ears to that. Not everyone deserve to know the real person you are. Let them criticize who they think you are because a man who is swimming against a stream knows the strength of it.
Hmm I think you are falling for him, ever since your encounter with him you haven’t been yourself which is unusual of you. Anyway he is very cool, brilliant with good looks. She said and head to the kitchen leaving me speechless with her last statement, cool, brilliant and good looks. Yes he get good looks, cool I can’t tell, and brilliant I don’t know. Talking of brilliant competitive student in my department include Toni, Albert, Mariam, Sammy and myself. I guess she knows him already that I don’t know. Well am not that social type of a person maybe that why I don’t know and I don’t dig into peoples academic performance.


We have a topic to cover in accounting Sammy and i, together with eight other student decide to group study. Accounting is not a problem to me though due to the extra tuition I take outside campus and the topic has been already thought there.

We were almost done when my phone vibrate a call from Jovita, I give her direction and continue with the teaching. She came In some minutes later gaining the attentions of the other student. There is no dought she want a serious talk with me which I have no clue about what she is going to talk about making me fell uneasy.

Sooner or later we were done with our doings. Roy do you care to tell me what that rude girl is doing here Mariam whispered when given her the maker pen.
Who I ask hitting his palm jokily with the maker pen.
Oh Roy, don’t tell me you don’t know her character in campus, she said with serious in the eyes.
I know Mariam but don’t be a critic as everyone fines fault. I defend weakly.
By the way I invite her here to have a talk with her. I said whiles she gave me a wonderious look.
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To be continue..


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