I was on my bed tying to take some naps but I couldn’t as I kept thinking about the sudden offer from Jovita. Yh I have nothing important to attend to. I just can’t follow her up when she suggest but I have to be more of myself than being a handbag for her. I decided to play FIFA game to free my mind from the bondage of thought. My phone beeped a notification, it a bank alert which read GH¢1000.00 has been transferred to your account. I called my mom to verify if it was from her but wasn’t from her. I called my aunty and gave same responds. I was some how confused because they are the only people that provide for me. And who could send me such amount I wondered. I was still figuring it out who could it be when I heard the sound of the doorbell. I open it and saw Mariam flashing smile, she look pretty as always.
Hey what are you doing here, I stupidly ask with my eyes steering at her.
Will you keep be outside and question me or will let me in first, she said. I flipped the door wide giving her some space to enter.
Sorry for my manners, but you are looking wow that why I was lost seeing you. I jokily complement her.
Thanks, anyway I was feeling bored home and decided to pay you a surprise visit she said serving herself a chilled drink to calm her hot nerves.
You should have called me so I can prepare some food for you I said picking up the game pad.
Do I need to call you for a surprise visit or you got some girl locked in here, she teasingly said. And how good are you in cooking to cook. I will rather cook something for you instead. She added and dash to the kitchen knowing her intension only.

Mariam is a close friend friend from high school, she is not new to my apartment though as games here any day she feels like, she was Tianna’s best friend and her existence in school kept me the memories of Tianna. Mariam is a beautify lady with medium asset but curvy body which makes her structure superb. She is very jovial to be with.
Some hours later the food was done. Mariam serve the food and we ate together. I kept stolen glance at her as we eat. We talk and crack some jokes till sunset when she decide to take her leave.

I called Roy two days after, which was Sunday but was not picking up my calls. Some hours later as I was cross checking on my whatsapp contacts list and found Roy online which I never hesitate to send him hi.
Hello he replied.
How are you doing, I send. You didn’t answer my calls I be continue



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