Image resultChai what the hell is she coming for, I pray not to be troubled I thought; whiles my blood pressure keeps raising as she keep coming closer. Yh I forget that was her favourite seat I was studying on it. She will always be at lectures on time to occupied that same seat, I quickly arrange my books into my backpack, signal her to take the seat as I set out from the hall.

It exactly three weeks to the promotional exams to level 400 or should I say my final year. I need to read my books, get good result and make my dad proud as always. I have been waiting for Princess in my car for about ½ an hour when she said she had left something important home but still not showing up. I dialed her number but was not reachable. This girl is unpredictable sometimes. I went to the lecture hall to discover that lectures has been postpone to 3pm. As usual students are getting more serious and reading their books. Accounting is my weakest subject so I have to be at lectures to discover a certain guy at my usual seat when I entered.
He signalled me to have the seat when I was about taking the other seat in front. You will feel comfortable here, he interrupt my greetings, smile and left leaving me with my words. I tried following him but couldn’t have his trace. I explained my encounter to Princes later in the evening. I couldn’t sleep and equally don’t know why I was still thinking about this mysterious innocent looking guy. For the first time in years my mind couldn’t be at rest because of a guy and the act he put on.

A week later, after the numerous thought on who this guy is and how can I trace him. Princess and I on our way back home from lectures I saw him going our direction, I halt the breaks as get closer and step out from the car.
Hi am Jovita and this is my friend Princess I introduce myself as well as Princess.
Hi am Roy and this is Roy he said pointing at himself.
I want to have a word with you and if you don’t mind let have some cool place to talk, I shyly suggest for in out a smile
hmm I don’t think today because I have some important staff to attend to and I didn’t plan to stay long on campus, am sorry; He calmly replied.
So how about we exchange contact and call you some other time when you are less busy I said and gave him my phone.
He dialed his number and return the phone back. I flashed him and he stored my number.
Let me drop you where you are going since you have some important staff to attained to at home. I offered;
No thanks, I feel like walking and besides am not far from where am heading to. He reject with a smile.
By the way the name is Roy.
To be continue…..


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