Image resultI have told you several times not to came near me again less to talk of touching in public. Next time you try doing something like that again am gonna give you a hot slap in the face okay! Jovita said on top of her voice gaining the attention of the numerous student in the library. Edward who was stunned in silence as he never expect what just happen. The outcome of his action was soo embarrassed that he left in a haste.
Sooner the library turn into a houseflies meeting that you could here the sound but can’t figure out the words.

The memories of Tianna never fades away, Yh a girl who stole my heart within a short time. I have wanted to see my Tianna’s face but couldn’t anymore. Its been three years that I haven’t set eyes on Tianna but her memories never fades away. Thinking we will meet again if it our fate to be together for the rest of our life.

I have to forget the past and move on with life. however, there is this lady in our department if Angels are on earth she is one. She is very beautiful and not just beauty but very brilliant, She looks to me like she is a twin sister of Tianna but her character is scary.
I have had a crush on her from day one that I set eyes on her but couldn’t approach her due to her character and how she embarrassed Edward who has approach her on several occasions. It was very irritating one the seen as she has been the most difficult girl on campus and drives a push SUV car to lectures which makes things worst. I have always keep my distance from her as I don’t want to be a victim, but anytime I set eyes on her my heartbeat increase but still wants to maintain my distance and don’t want to get myself to trouble.

My phone beeped a massage. It was a good morning massage from Mariam and also asking for a help on the accounting. I took a quick shower , eat something small, feed my two dogs and set out to campus.

After we were done with the studies and they left, I mean she and her two other friends, I decide to study small, go home and rest before today’s lectures which has been postponed to 3pm, As I was studying I raised my head and saw TBC


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