Good Friday Reveals the True Revolutionary on Calvary


Every year, we are fortunate to hear two accounts in church of the Passion during Holy Week—the first one on Palm Sunday and the second one on Good Friday. The latter account is always from Saint John’s Gospel. On Palm Sunday, we rotate among the Synoptic Gospels according to Cycles A, B, and C. This year, we listened to Saint Matthew’s account.

In Saint Matthew’s Gospel, the evangelist tells us something about those who were crucified to the right and left of Jesus. They are called revolutionaries (Matt 27:38), and this happens to be the same description Saint Mark gives for them also (Mk 15:27). They receive this designation because they were looking somehow to overthrow the established order. (It is likely that they were robbers.) In their executions though, the revolutionaries had failed. Their rebellion had been put down by the power of the state.


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