Education can be defined as the process of teaching, acquisition of knowledge, learning, and demonstrating what has been discovered over a particular period of time. Education also has to do with the process of telling stories to children, teaching people some basic things like how to become successful people in life, and discussing things surrounding social existence, such as the importance of developing a healthy relationship with good people.

In terms of training students, education helps to get students to be involved in skills acquisition, which will make them a force to reckon with. As educated Nigerians, we should know the importance of education in our society.

Firstly, education helps one to differentiate right from wrong. Secondly, it saves one from being fooled and cheated. That is why a celebrated personality once quipped that you can fool some people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. He was talking about properly educated people.

This is because we have been given the opportunity to know our rights as members of a democratic society. In terms of societal development, education creates the opportunity for one to become a great person in the society by contributing to community development.

Education creates the platform for people to be confident and proud of themselves wherever they are. It turns people’s dreams to reality.    Lastly, it opens financial doors because when you as an educated person work hard, your business begins to grow.



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