kingdom based prosperity -david ibiyeomie

david ibiyeomiethe prosperity bibelically is a state of well is the blessing of the lord that makes you enjoy kingdom based prosperity<proverb 18:22>.

you are not prosperous if you have money but lack good health.kingdom prosperity is a choice.prosperity is not influence by the nation where you reside.your prosperity is a function of the word of god in you,god will only prosper you according to the level of your insight of his word.wealth is a function of  man capacity to think.poverty is the absence of gods word.

how to enjoy kingdom wealth

1.have pleasure in gods word<psalm 1:1-3>.taking pleasure in gods word removes preassure. god

kind of wealth in the word

1.kingdom wealth

2.babylonian wealth

requirement for kingdom based prosperity birth<you must be born again>

2.genuine love for god<giving-john 3:16>

3.invest in knowledge

4.choose to study the word


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