Joke Of The Day:- Checkout This Interesting Joke, It Will Sure Spice Up Your New Week (Read & Laugh)


Guess you all had a wonderful weekend? Don’t forget to be amazing, cool, friendly and ambitious this new week. By the Grace of God, We’ll have more than a thousand reasons to rejoice before next weekend.

Here is another Joke to spice up your new week.

Lets Go

Ofego was being discharged from a Mental Hospital after doctors thought he was finally back to normal. He was put in an ambulance to be taken back home. He claimed he knew the house so he led the doctors. They took him to where he claimed he lived.

Just as they approached a certain house, two kids, dressed in uniforms came out of the house. Ofego screamed, “Those are my children going to school!

A minute later, a woman came out of the same house and Ofego screamed, “That’s my wife, she is late for work!“. This time, the Doctors were convinced Ofego was OK. They took him out of the ambulance but he was still in chains.

Just as they were about unlocking the chains, a man came out of the house and Ofego screamed, “YES! THAT’S ME GOING TO WORK!

They doctor quickly rushed him back into the Ambulance and this time around, They used more than chains.

I hope you like this Joke?

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