belonging to a caring family


ministerin=david ibiyeomie

blobging to a caring  family is becoming a member of group of chritain belivers.

how to belong to a caring family[respect]

respect is having due regard for rigts,feelings,possition, age,personality and opinion of others.respect is a value every one must cultivate,

how to invite respect to yourself a person of sound godly charater and value every dispute hear all parties before concluding

3.make good your promise

4.dont over stay your welcom in a place

5.make sure you follow protocol and value

6.avoid indebtedness and beggerly charater humbel and polite no matter who you addresing npt break into peoples privacy a person of intergrity and avoid compromise of standard

10.obay simple rules and regulations sincerely accountable

12.stay wittin your rank and never abuse privilage accorded to you

13.keep sealed lip over privileged confidental information given to you

14.avoid getting poor result in your assignment not poke your nose into other peoples matter


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